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Editor/Publisher - Karen Krien -- karen.k (at)

Saint Francis Herald - - sf.herald (at)

Sports Editor - Doug Sloper -- dsloper (at)

News - Amanda Miller -- amiller (at)

Advertising Manager - Tim Burr -- tburr (at)

Nor'West Newspapers combined rate card and coverage map for 2013 - Includes rates for St. Francis Herald

Office Manager - Doug Sloper -- dsloper (at)

Columnist - Casey McCormick -- mccormickcasey (at)

Director of Internet Services - N.T. Betz -- nbetz49 (at)

Systems Administrator - Evan Barnum -- support (at)

Nor'west Press

Richard Westfahl- General Manager -- rwestfahl (at)

Jim Jackson, Gary Stewart, Kris McCool, Jim Bowker,

Tracy Traxel, Judy McKnight, Melinda Claytor


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National Newspaper Association

Inland Press Association, Colorado Press Association